How to wear High Waisted Jeans

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Past week I fell in love with high waisted jeans. I had breakfast with some friends in town and suddenly was like “I wanna look for some high waisted jeans”. So now I am the owner of some vintage high waisted jeans and try to figure out how I can combine them. After some research and the influence of my personal opinion, there are a lot of styles possible. High waisted jeans can be worn together with a short sweater, a nice and rather elegant blouse or a basic top put into your jeans … just to name a few. On the grounds of the still very cold and windy weather in Berlin, I combined the jeans with my high-heeled boots. However, I am really looking forward to spring/summer to be able to combine them with high heels.

Now, there is one little consideration when it comes to high waisted jeans. Since the zip is really long, it ends at your belly, it emphasizes your waist and sometimes your legs may seem short. In order to avoid an emphasis on your waist or to “look” short I would recommend to choose a darker colored high waisted jeans and to wear high-heeled shoes. Alternatively, it’s also nice when a top is worn over the jeans. Thus, your waist can’t be seen. If you are tall (lucky you! ;-)) you can also go for some sneakers. I mean, short people can also wear sneakers to high waisted jeans. I personally just think that sneakers combined to a high waisted jeans looks best when you are tall.

According to colors, actually everything can be added to it just as to a normal jeans.

High Waisted Jeans Inspiration
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How to wear High Waist Jeans


Now I hope that I could provide you with a little bit inspiration. I wish you all a nice Tuesday!

Fashion Designer meets Discounter

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Honestly, I was surprised when I read these news couple of weeks ago in a newspaper at the airport. A German fashion designer called Jette Joop collaborates with one of Germany’s discount supermarkets Aldi Süd.

For those, who don’t know Aldi Süd – it’s similar to Trader Joe’s in the USA. So imagine, a discount supermarket that usually sells mass-produced groceries at low prices now offers high quality fashion on its counters.

On the one hand, I am curious what Jette Joop in cooperation with Aldi Süd has in store for us. However, on the other hand, I’m questioning the economic benefits for both parties. For now I know that the label is called “Blue Motion”, the price range will be between 9,99 € and 19,99 € and the collection will maintain basics in decent colors e.g. blue, black, white and grey and accessories such as handbags. Regarding this collaboration, I would really like to know how her collection is getting produced to be sold off for such a low price. Furthermore, I somehow doubt that Aldi’s customers are interested in fashion designers. Nevertheless, despite of my doubts I’m looking forward to the campaign and in a couple of weeks we’ll learn how things are working out.

Jette Joop’s collection will be offered at Aldi Süd on April 11th.



Maybe I happen to purchase something. If so, I’ll let you know!


MY Outfit for a Social Event

MY Outfit for a Social Event
Hey there,
Yesterday I attended an art event in Berlin, the opening of Heidi Specker’s art gallery, and picked my outfit at the last minute. Since this event is nothing compared to an opera or any big event show I decided to go for a casual chic look. Therefore I picked a black jumpsuit from Hallhuber (not the one attached), a yellow blazer and a black clutch. Alternatively, I would have chosen a high waist vintage trouser with a white blouse and a black blazer. I think a combination of casual and elegant items always fits to a scenario where you can’t be really certain what kind of style to expect. Thus, you never have to be worried about being under- or overdressed.
This time, people at the event were dressed very differently. Some wore classical pieces, others showed up very down-to-earth and again others seemed to be still in their office style.
What do you usually wear at those kind of events? 🙂

Black is (still) the New Black

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How often do I hear statements like “Orange is the new Black” or even “White is the new Black”? Too often to be true. This is one of many reasons why I want to dedicate the following post to one of my favorite colors: Black (just when it comes to fashion ;-)).

I really do like light and bright colors as well. However, when it comes to convertible colors, black is and always will be my number 1. Black can express elegance, simplicity, athleticism and pragmatism in one. Therefore, whenever I wanna dress up or keep it simple, black enables both.

Many seem to perceive black outfits as a somber style and quickly refer to the gothic scene. Others only like “the little black dress” and find everything else on black rather boring. Well, let’s put it that way, it depends on accessories. Black is not just black. A colorful bag, purse, blazer, scarf or nail color can put a special stamp on every black outfit.

Following collage presents you different styles by only using black apparel. As you see, black enables casual, elegant and sportive looks.


Different Shades of Black

Fell in love with Slash

Hey there,

actually I was trying to get my driver’s license validated in order to use Car2Go. Well, in the end it turned out to be just another shopping trip at Friedrichstraße in Berlin. Coincidentally, I bumped into Comptoir des Cotonniers, which sells some really nice sneakers labeled Slash to a rather fair price (all cost 99€ except for VERGULE, which is slightly more expensive at 129€).

From left top to right bottom: VERGULE – DARK NAVY, TIRGULE – BLANC, VIRGULE – NOIR, VORGULE – IMPERIAL BLUE (Source: Website of Comptoir des Cotonniers)

At first, I wanted to go for the white ones but while trying them on I couldn’t make up my mind which color to choose. Should it be white, black or blue? I’m still making up my decision. For now, I wanna forward the information to all people in Berlin: Tirgule and Virgule are already available. Vergule and Vorgule will be in stock at the KADEWE shortly, so keep your eyes open 🙂


Do you really wanna buy a Lui Wittong?

Hey there,

During my last shopping trip in Berlin, I stumbled upon an advertisement about “LUI WITTONG” and I thought that would be a great topic to start off my blog: Does it always have to be a top-notch label?

Lui Wittong

I’ve never been a huge fan of fake goods such as a faked Louis Vuitton bag or a fur coat. Several facts e.g. the smell, the material and the colors bothered me since everything seems so artificial. Nevertheless, since I moved out and no longer want to be dependent on my parents’ generosity, I realized how exorbitant expensive life can be. I began to think the worth of luxury fashion pieces over. I am still no supporter of fake goods. However, meanwhile I distinguish more carefully between different labels, materials and prices. On the one hand, there are certain fashion items such as a Louis Vuitton bag that are irreplaceable by faked ones. On the other hand, a leather skirt or a fur coat do not necessarily need to be from a luxury brand or totally overpriced. A $200 Zara fur coat or $100 Mango leather skirt can offer a more affordable yet good-qualitative alternative to an $800 expensive product from Burberry. Some labels such as Louboutins offer products to really ridiculously high prices (e.g. shoes for more than $4.000). In contrast to that $200 shoes from Michael Kors seem rather cheap again after all.

When I scan items at Zara or similar stores, I take a closer look at the material (depending on the material it should just feel nice and real), I inhale the smell (sometimes it’s not necessary though… walk by Primark and you already recognize the products’ bad quality) and I compare it to other affordable alternatives. Lastly, I make up my decision depending on price, quality, color and uniqueness e.g. any special details. Strict distinguishing between labels and items can be quite time-consuming. This week I spent three times in a row returning items since I found a better product. In the end, however, I think it’s worth it.

There are stores I regularly check out e.g. Zara, &Otherstories or Mango, there are stores I visit from time to time mostly during special offers e.g. Stefanel, Comptoir des Cotonniers or Massimo Dutti. And then there are those stores I’d like to cut out of my memory e.g. Primark, New Yorker etc. No offense, but please think through the concept of affordability AND quality(!). Primark, New Yorker or Pimkie have some things in common… their fake leather and fur products reek far beyond to the outside and their products mostly do not last for more than a few months. In this context, there is a huge difference between good fake (e.g. Zara) and bad fake (e.g. Bershka) items. So please, save the money and spend it for at least good fake items. Zara might be a little more expensive. However, it’s worth it. I truly believe that even students with the lowest income have the chance to save money for something slightly more expensive. In the end, it turns out to have more benefits: nicer color and smell, better material and way better quality.